2017 update

Stay tuned here for updates on event schedules

and happenings on the Playa for 2016

Please send us an email at PlayaTerps@gmail.com and let us know if you are planning to come this year.  We want to make sure all our Deaf Burner friends know that Playa Terps are here for them to help make the Burning Man experience more accessible.

New location of Playa Terps message board.
    In 2016 the Playa Terps message board will be located on Effigiare at 5:50.  There is a map on the Find Us page to help you locate it.  Our interpreter request binder is attached to this message board.  Leave messages here for the signing community to let us know where you are.

Playa Terps at Playa Info daily from 10am to noon.

    New this year we will be providing sign language interpreters to sit at Playa Info in case Burners have questions they need answered in ASL.  We hope word gets out to the signing community to ensure that they have access to answers to their questions in sign language for at least 2 hours each day.  If you are a Playa Terp and want to volunteer one of these 2 hour shifts, please let Squirt Gun know.

Buy your ice at 3 O’Clock Igloo from 1-6 every afternoon.
    The beautiful Honey Badger is fluent in sign language and works at Arctica selling ice.  If you want to buy ice in a sign language friendly environment, this is the time of day to buy it!!

Tutu Tuesday at 2:22pm ... Playa Terps Silent Ice Breaker
    Come and meet other interpreters, Deaf people, signers, crickets.  A social gathering and educational opportunity to learn how to use the Playa Terps interpreting request system.  Location and map on the Find Us page.

FRIDAY Sept 2 at 10:00am ... ART TOUR in sign language!  
    This year we have a special tour set aside for Deaf Burners and their friends provided in ASL only.  Limit 20 seats, first come, first serve, so don’t be late.  Meet at the Temple Bar in Cafe Village, same location as Tutu Tuesday party).  Info on our Find Us/Events page.

Friday Sept 2 at 2:00pm ... Da Dirty Hands Happy Hour
    The Da Dirty Hands Deaf Theme camp is hosting a Happy Hour.  They also plan to have dirty sign language classes and yoga sessions as well.  In 2016 Da Dirty Hands camp is located on Donatello at 7:15.  Map on Find Us/Events page.

Friday Sept 2nd 8:00pm-11:00pm ... Deafening Sensations!
    Gathering at Backfire Deaf camp, 7:15 and Cosimo.  Blink on this! Light up your night with reactive art sensors that tune in to your every move and vibration! Step into a place where thoughts can travel through space. Look us in the eyes too long and you may fall in love or hallucinate. Your untapped powers of sight and touch will lead the way! We will bestow upon you a new name when you leave! All ages, abilities, and bodies welcome!

2016 updates

   Contact Playa Terps at


Playa Terps is taking a vacation in 2017.  If you are an ASL interpreter and want to be contacted on Playa if there is a need, please leave your cell phone number at Playa Info and keep your cell phone on to receive text requests directly from Deaf burners.