Friday Sept 2nd 8:00pm-11:00pm ... Deafening Sensations!
    Gathering at Backfire Deaf camp, 7:15 and Cosimo.  Blink on this! Light up your night with reactive art sensors that tune in to your every move and vibration! Step into a place where thoughts can travel through space. Look us in the eyes too long and you may fall in love or hallucinate. Your untapped powers of sight and touch will lead the way! We will bestow upon you a new name when you leave! All ages, abilities, and bodies welcome!

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Deaf Theme Camps

Da Dirty Hands is not the first Deaf Theme Camp at Burning Man.  Camp Flying Hands was out on the Playa in 2004.  They joined hands with Camp Scrub-A-Dub providing free showers for dusty Burners.  They were camped in the center of the People’s Republik of Gigsville.  In the words of camp member Sharif, “excuse me but it was fuckin NUTS campin with Gigsville .. I can still feel the shrapnel burns from exploding propane canisters that were thrown in the car-b-q.”  Many camps that year were not invited to return and “Nowhere” has become their big regional.  Camp Flying Hands wasn’t uninvited to return, it is just really hard work having a theme camp, and it takes its toll.

Deaf History on the Playa

Da Dirty Hands Theme camp has been involved with Playa Terps since our inception in 2011.  This year, 2016, they are located on Donatello at 7:15.

In it’s sixth year, Da Dirty Hands includes both Deaf and hearing signers, virgins and veteran Burners, coming together to live at our home for a week of good times.  The purpose of this camp is to draw in hearing Burners from all over the world to mingle and party while learning American Sign Language (even dirty signs) as well as learn about Deaf culture.

Camp host:  Dr. Jinx 

Happy Hour @ Da Dirty Hands camp - Friday, Sept. 2, 2016  2-4pm

“Our flying hands and burning love together are beautiful.  Come on out and join us!”    Dr. Jinx

Da Dirty Hands