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Tutu Tuesday 2:22pm

 ASL Art Tour 10am Friday

We will have our Playa Terps Silent Ice Breaker and begin our ASL Art Tour in the Temple Bar.  The Temple Bar will be located between E and G near 5:50.  See map above.  When nearby look up for the Temple Bar onion dome-->>>>>>>>>>

Find Us

   Contact Playa Terps at


Playa Terps message board 2012 seen above with loads of notes.

We are making a nice new message board for 2016.

2016 location of the Playa Terps message board is on Effigiare at 5:50 ...

Playa Terps is not a theme camp.  Our volunteer sign language interpreters are scattered all over the Playa. Squirt Gun, Playa Terps' coordinator, lives in Cafe Village between Effigiare and Guild at 5:50 (2016).  This is why the message board is located here.  Our Tutu Tuesday Silent Ice Breaker is also in Cafe Village.