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Background info ...

Playa Terps is the vision of Innuendo* teamed with the synergy of Squirt Gun*.  (*Playa names) Our informal scheduling system would make any interpreting referral agency cry.  We aren’t them.  We are Burners.  We have no phones or internet.  Dust storms, pretty girls, handsome men and squirrels are factored into our efficiency, or lack there of.  Our interpreters are volunteering their time, so we have few demands.  There are hundreds of events happening at the same time, 24/7 on the Playa, so we can’t promise we can find community interpreters for all requests.  

We are demonstrating Radical Inclusion, the first of the 10 Burning Man principles, at its gifting finest. 

Playa Terps offer community interpreters with a range in skill levels from certified graduates of interpreter training programs with years of experience to ASL students with just a few courses under their belt.  We offer interpreting for workshops on the Playa, interactive Theme Camps and other forms of play that engage conversation.

​If there is an emergency on Playa needing a sign language interpreter, the camp location of our certified interpreters are provided to Emergency Services.  These interpreters are all certified by the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf with enough experience and skills to interpret for emergency situations.

What to do ...

The Playa Terps message board will be located on Effigiarre at 5:50 (2016).  Attached to the message board is a binder that includes schedules for each day.  Because there is no cell phone service on the Playa, this message board is our ONLY form of communication for Playa Terps community interpreting services.  

Interpreters fill in the times they are available to interpret and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Burners fill in the time, event and location where they would like to have interpreting services.  Please check the Bios pages on this website and in the binder to see the skill level of our interpreters.  

We check the message board regularly to see if any one has requested our services, and vice versa.   Informal assignment agreements between Deaf Burners and interpreters happen all the time and not everything gets written into the binder.

In 2016, interpreters and “clients” will meet at Playa Info prior to the interpreting assignment.  We do not meet at the event location.  Trust us, it’s too easy to get lost and it just works best this way, so request your interpreter early enough to meet at Playa Info, then walk or ride bikes to the event location together.  When our “client” or the interpreter do something other than show up, we see it as in invitation to a different opportunity.  This is the Playa, and sometimes weather or lack of knowing what time it is gets in the way of plans.

How does it work?