On a trip to Mexico in college I met a group of Deaf friends who became some of my closest friends.  They attended Gallaudet University while I was nearby at University of Maryland.  After many visit to Gallaudet my ASL skills improved.  I decided to enroll in an Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP) and have been happily involved in the Deaf community for the past 5 years.  I was Thrilled to recently discover this opportunity to facilitate access to our Deaf Burner Community.  I’ll be coming from Baltimore, Maryland where I am a practicing pre-certified interpreter and am finishing up the final course of my IPP.  This will be my second time coming )’(ome and I will be camping with Camp Ego rip at 9:15 and Airstrip.  come by and visit!

Carl (2014)
(location TBA)

SugarFoot (2014)
(Shack of Sit in Snowflake Village at 3:00 & D)

Snips (2014)
(Black Hole 5:40 & E)

Now known as Trixie out on the playa, I am happy to be back home after finishing a masters program in social work in Portland. I am NIC certified and have been interpreting for 10 years.  I went to Cal State Northridge and majored in Deaf Studies, graduated in 2003 and have been working on and off as a terp since then. I work a little bit of everything; educational, medical (except needles, which I have a great story about if you wanna hear it ;) platform, performance, etc. though education is really my fave (They pay me to learn stuff dude!) I am currently living in Seattle again and looking for work in social justice, education or whatever lights my fire.  This will be my 6th year at the Man burning.  So excited to meet ya'll

Hilari is thrilled to be Burning for a second time! She is an award-winning filmmaker who directed See What I’m Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary that followed a deaf comic, actor, singer and drummer over the course of a year. She recently produced the feature film No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie with Marlee Matlin that is currently screening around the world. Hilari has a theater background that includes touring with the National Theater of the Deaf. Her year touring on a bus with 17 deaf actors inspired her to create work with deaf actors, and ignited her passion to break down stereotypes in theater, film and television. Hilari has been involved in the Deaf community for 22 years and interprets on a regularly basis through her work and loves the chance to give back. Hilari is also a fire-eater, a singing wench, a lover of art cars and a seeker of the elusive glowing playa jellyfish that only come out at night.www.HilariScarl.com

Molly (2014)
(location TBA)

This is Scout’s 3rd Burn.  Off the Playa, Scout provides interpreting services throughout the central coast of California. She has been interpreting professionally since 1996. Scout holds a Certificate of Interpretation (CI), a Certificate of Transliteration (CT) and a specialized certificate in Legal Interpreting (SC:L). Scout specializes in legal and academic interpreting. She also holds a Doctorate in Transformative Learning and Change from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).  When not flapping her phalanges, Scout teaches Yoga, consults for organizations, is an adjunct professor and travels the world.  Scout lives, works and plays in Santa Barbara, CA.

Danni Gyrrrl  (2015)
(Blue Morpheus (inside Otter Camp at 2:30 & Carny)

Rex  (2015)
(Couch Burners at (:30 & Esplanade)

This will be my fourth year returning to Burning Man. I am a recent graduate from CSUN majoring in Deaf Studies with my focus on Deaf Community Services. 

My interpreting skills are at an intermediate level. Thanks!

James (2014)
(location TBA)

Christina (2015)
(Love Potion at 7:30 & Plaza G)

Cakes holds a Certificate of Interpretation, Certificate of Transliteration, and the Specialist Certificate: Legal from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf – the National Certifying Agency.  She has over 17 years experience in the field of interpreting, has a bachelor’s degree in Communication with an emphasis in gender communication from the University of Colorado in Boulder, and an Associate’s degree in interpreting from Front Range Community College in Westminster.  Cakes is currently employed by a Video Relay Service as the Center Manager for Colorado Operations.  She has extensive experience interpreting, mentoring, managing, presenting, advising, leading, and listening.  Cakes is passionate about communication and the power potential it holds.  She is a member of National and Local Deaf organizations as well as being involved in her local RID chapter. and local Deaf community events.

Tinker (2013)
(location TBA)

Hi, my name is Carl.  I became fascinated with Playa Terps mainly because I have studied ASL for 4 years in the past.  That was 10 years ago.  I'm not certain I really qualify as an interpreter, but I certainly would love to converse with deaf people whenever possible. 

I’m going to Burning Man for the first time, and would love to volunteer.  I’m really looking forward to meeting burners from the Deaf community.  Before moving to San Francisco last summer, I taught at the Tennessee School for the Deaf for 5 years, and I’ve been signing for 15 years.  I’m not a certified interpreter, but I have done a lot of situational, informal interpreting for my Deaf friends and former students.

Ranger Beauty   (2015)
(Radio Electra 89.9 FM at 2:45 & Ersatz)

This is my first year at Burning Man! I live in Portland, OR and have spent most of my adult life teaching young children (preschool, speech/language therapist, Spanish). I am excited to start my interpreter training & Deaf studies program as soon as I get home from Burning Man! I'm particularly interested in pursuing advocacy work: connecting hearing parents of deaf infants with the Deaf community. I'm really good with maps, conversation, and hugs (so call on me if in need!). I'd love to hear your Burning Man (or other) stories, so come chat me up!

This will be my 15th burn, 14th year as a Black Rock Ranger, 13th year as an Ordained Minister and 5th year as a Playa Terp.  I attended Gallaudet University when I lived back east.  I also was an interpreter for President Clinton’s Inauguration on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial January 19th, 1993.  My Aunt was a teacher at Gallaudet and also taught at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf in Delevan, WI.
                I’m not currently certified but can definitely help out when needed.

Emergency back up interpreter on the Playa 2015.  I’ve been an interpreter since before the Burn existed, RID certified since 1986. I do Platform, medical. trilingual Spanish <-> ASL <-> English, K-12, university, grad school, industry, tech ...

Jezebel   (2015)
(Uli Baba at 4:30 Plaza (4:30 & G)

My name is Hen and I will be camping with Trashistan, within Dr. Carl's Department of Collections. I am not an interpreter, but I hope to be one someday. I have been signing since I was a child, and as an adult, I completed most but not all of BCC's (then Vista's) ASL program, including interpreting I. I have a BA in Linguistics from UC Santa Cruz.

I do not get the opportunity to sign on a day to day basis anymore, and my sign is very rusty! However, I am glad to help in any way I can, and am just happy to meet anyone else who signs, even more so on the playa. I have attended Burningman every year since 1999 and can't wait to return and meet you.

Terp Bios

Miss Tickle (2014)
(camping with Heart Tribe at 3:30 & E)

Widget (2013)
(location TBA)

Hilari (2014)
(Oddball Collective/camp Get the Fuck off My Lawn at 7:30 & J)

Chris Malloy from Dillon Montana ... veteran Burner, social signer. “My signing was best about 10 years ago when I had a Deaf employee.”  Sugarfoot provides rides on the Playa in his big yellow pedicab.  Come by Shack of Sit and grab a ride in the pedicab from the pedaling Playa Terp!

NIC certified interpreter.  I'm a sometimes-interpreter these days (mostly doing program admin for a grant program at present), but I also freelance still. 

I would be happy to volunteer a couple shifts for workshops/one-on-ones/tours/playa weddings, etc :).

Marissa (2015)

This will be the third Burn for the hubby and I!  I have limited experience interpreting, but I have worked as a high school interpreter for two years.  I also worked for a little bit at NVASL, the Nevada Academy of Sign Language -- they work with hearing families with Deaf children in order to facilitate communication!  So much fun!  If you’re patient with me, I love to learn!  We are working on the Black Rock City Library, so stop by and say hello.  Can’t wait to see you all on the playa.

This marks the fourth year that Widget has trekked out to the playa and the second year she’s brought her signing hands along. Last year a chance encounter led to her stumbling upon Da Dirty Hands and she’s thrilled to be more formally involved this year. With three years of formal ASL and one year of an interpreter program (as well as a recent NIC candidate for certification), Widget hopes she’s ready to tackle whatever the desert throws at her. As a veteran burner she’s ecstatic; as a new interpreter she’s that delightful mix of excited and terrified. Out on the other side of the trash fence, Widget enjoys riding her bike through mud puddles, dancing blues or Argentine Tango, and drinking copious amounts of tea. She also likes cuddles.

Fiesta (2013)
(location TBA)

   Contact Playa Terps at


Ranger SciFi   (2015)
(Ranger headquarters at Esplanade and 5:45)

Hello there!  I'm 25 years old and I am hearing. I have been signing for 7 years now. I'm going to the Berkeley City College to earn my ASL degree.  :D   This is my fifth year at Burning Man and you (and me) have no idea how excited and thankful I am to be going! This year I will be working 31 shifts in 18 days at the Gate office so I will not be available to interpret, but my heart and soul are always with the Deaf community.

Innuendo   (2015)
(Black Hole with Gate ... Ephesus @ 5:45)   

Cakes   (2015)
(Le Kafe at 9:15 & Arcade)

Emergency back up interpreter on Playa 2015.  This brings my 9th year of celebrating the art of living playa side; I moved to Portland, OR last year to be near my family after 18 fabulous years in Seattle where I took my first ASL class, went to ITP, and was raised by the Deaf and Deaf-Blind communities.  When not interpreting, I can be found teaching Bikram Yoga and performing autobiographically inspired performance pieces of dance, storytelling, and sketch comedy.  If I could spend the day with anyone dead or alive it would be Gilda Radner.   

Orange is a spiritual adventurer, devourer of life experiences, and a 5+ year Playa veteran! He is currently residing in Oakland, CA garnering some work experience and preparing for dual graduate degrees in non-profit and business administration.

As a nascent wad of curiosity and wonder, Orange was raised in Philly alongside an older Deaf sister and used ASL to express his earliest thoughts and interact with the strange world into which he was born. Now, at 29, Orange is a Sibling Of a Deaf Adult (SODA), and his skills have admittedly regressed to some amalgamation of ASL and SEE, but has been honored by the experience of giving back to the Playa community with the Terps for a third year!!

Scout (2014)
(Le Kafe at 9:15 & D)

Liberty Bell (2013)
(location TBA)

Kara (2015)
(Foundry Camp)

Trixie  (2015)
(Baggage Check at 7:15 & Freak Show)

By day, I work on computers...  but that's not why we're here!  I found Burning Man a few years ago, as many have - from a wild adventurer with stories from traveling there and back again.  A city in the dust?  Really?  It seemed too crazy to be true, but the seed was planted in my mind and started to grow.  About that same time, I went back to college to study to be an ASL interpreter because I had fallen head over heals for the language after being around some friends already in the field.  Along the way, I've stopped and started and taken breaks, but the connections with my deaf friends have stayed strong.

Worlds collided in that serendipitous fashion we all know when I attended my first Gateway Burner meet-and-greet a few years back.  I jumped head first into a community with which I had no prior connections, and within the first five minutes hands were flying and I was hopelessly hooked.  I've been signing in the Burner community ever since!  I look forward to meeting tons of new people on the Playa this year!

 Past Years Playa Terps

Playa Name:  Tinker
Default World Name: Steve
Experience:  I took a few ASL classes in Denver in 1990s, and I use it a few times a year.  I’m a bit rusty and need to fingerspell quite a bit.

My name is Sam Ray/Liberty Bell!  I am 22 and will be arriving on the Playa for the first time this 2013!  I could not be more jazzed.  I live in Portland and spend my time as a pizza cook, a fairy and a student.  I enjoy dancing, love, and good company.  I have been learning sign for a little less than a year but really enjoy every second of it.  I would by no means say that I am a fluent signer but would love to volunteer wherever I could be of any help.  I am really looking forward to meeting all of you and learning from you!  I am not sure about where I am camping but don’t worry, I will be in touch!

Manky Moon Bunny (2014)
(living in the netherlands far away, where the moop lands)

Flux   (2015)
(Lost Penguins at 4:00 & Arcade)

Orange (2014)
(Ego Trip at 9:00 & G)

Squirt Gun   (not on Playa 2015)
(at home resting up for next year)

My name is Innuendo and I will be camping with my partner, Plus 1, in the Black Hole (GPE/Gate Staff).  I work as a shift lead for Box Office as well as having interpreted in the past for some of the Gate staff and for Transpo. (If you ever need me, you can find someone in the Box Office or Gate who knows who or where I am.  I should also be available on radio this year -- in emergencies only).  I am a pre-certified interpreter in Sacramento, California.  I graduated form a local IPP and am a little rusty but willing to help out in the interim if something happens until a certified interpreter can arrive.  Helping to provide equal access to communication has been my dream since setting foot on Playa in 2007.  I am happy that this dream was finally realized thanks to the leadership and teamwork of my mentor, friend and fellow Playa Terp, Squirt Gun, and with the help of so many amazing volunteers in our Playa Terps tribe.  Together we are all helping to bring awareness and inclusion to the Playa ... so, here’s to another spectacular year!

Brilliant Hen  (2015)

This will be my first year at BM, needless to say I'm excited! I'm from Colorado and graduated from Front Range Community College in 2014. I am a pre-certified interpreter and recently, I have started interpreting in the VRS field and in the college system. I also work at an interpreting agency scheduling interpreters. Both of my parents are Deaf and I'm going to Gallaudet this fall as well as taking the written portion of the NIC. During the summers I work at KODA camps most of the time while trying to balance everything else in my life. Participation is important to me so I have been the president of the Future Interpreters of Colorado, and have started ASL clubs at the various different schools I have attended. I'm always looking forward to learning new things so don't be afraid to show me the ropes! 

I am a NERDA that took 1 year of ASL. I need practice so if you see me please start up a conversation and help me out. I live in Seattle and go to school for apparel design. I can also help you with wardrobe malfunctions! I am camping with Couch Burners at 9:30 & Esplanade. This is my sixth consecutive burn! 

Ranger Sci Fi is working both Rangers and Gate this year, so may not be available to interpret.  However ... if one of our Deaf Burners need Ranger assistance this year, they should not hesitate to put a call in for me. They can either grab the nearest Ranger and have them call me on the radio (I'll probably have an event radio this year, so it'll be on me at all times) or go to Ranger HQ and have them call me. Either way I'm happy to help in any way I can.

Hi Everyone, my name is Fred McCord. On the playa I also go by SciFi (Ranger SciFi when I'm on duty). I'm hearing and have been signing for about 16 years and working in the Deaf Community for the past 11 years. From 2003-2007 I worked for BACA (ASL interpreting agency) as an office manager, interpreter coordinator, and community advocate. From 2007-2012 I worked for the UCSF Center on Deafness (Deaf/HoH Mental Health services) in much the same capacity. As a long time signer, with many interpreting friends, I can say with great certainty, I AM NOT AN INTERPRETER. However, after completing the two year ASL program at Vista College (now BCC) and working 11 years in two different professional Deaf offices...I'm comfortable in most situations. Over the years I've had to step in to interpret for various staff members and friends in multiple settings: staff meetings, trainings, medical appointments, and long nights of drinking at  bars.

As for Burning Man...I have some experience there too. My first year was in 2002 and since then I've been back seven times (2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014). For the past six years I have volunteered a considerable number of hours to the Black Rock Rangers, BRC's finest community mediators, first responders, and law enforcement buffers. We've been making reasonable excuses for your behavior since 1992! So, while I won't have time to put in the hours interpreting this year, I will always have time to help a Deaf burner out! If you ever need a Ranger for anything don't hesitate to call me. You can do this by grabbing the first Ranger you see and asking them to call me on the radio OR go to Ranger HQ (on the Esplanade at 5:45) and have them call me on the radio. Either way, I'm happy to come out and help. Remember to ask for Ranger SciFi.

 This year I'll also be putting in a few shifts with the Gate crew. Yeah...I've probably over committed myself this year (again).  All that being said...I'm really looking forward to meeting a few more Deaf burners this year. See you in the dust!

I am the operations manager for the 3’ O’Clock igloo with Arctica.  We sell you ice (or water if you can be a little bit patient).  In the default world I am a full time freelance ASL interpreter (CI/CT, NIC-Adv) based out of the Twin Cities, MN.  I’ve been signing since 2000, and I love all my various Deaf communities.  This will be my 9th consecutive Burning Man (’07-’15).   I will be working my other projects during the event and will not be able to interpret, however I too am on radio and will be working at the 3 O’Clock Igloo daily from 1-6pm, so come have a chat and get your ice from the ASL-Friendly Igloo. : D

Honey Badger  (2015)
(Frozone, behind Center Camp)

Hilary Anne (2014)
(location TBA)

Emergency back up interpreter on Playa 2015.  I'm Jezebel, which technically isn't a playa name, just a nickname from the default world, but it may just stick.  I'm a second-time burner and a NERDA (stole Squirt Gun's acronym: not even related to a Deaf adult,) but I fell for ASL at some point as a kid.  After unsuccessful, nerdy, 9-year-old attempts to teach myself, I eventually took formal ASL classes in college in Boston, then worked as an aide at a Deaf school, then as teacher, where I stayed teaching a Deaf and special needs class for 3 years.  I finished my ITP at Mesa and Palomar Community Colleges in San Diego in 2005, hid out in grad school studying ASL poetry and picking up low-stakes interpreting gigs for a few years after that, and finally got certified in 2011.  Now I work full-time in K-12 and part-time in VRS, theme parks, and National Parks.

- NAD III cert lapsed five years ago - and that's about the last time I signed.
- 20 years experience medical, educational, business interpreting.
- NERDA ( Not Even Related to a Deaf Adult )
- grew up near CSD-B
- white, male, tall, 50 y.o.
- large signing space, don’t stand too close.
- ASL based, can TC ( sorta )  TC = total communication

Windy (2013)
(camping between 4:00 and 4:30 on L)

I am probably one of the most ambitious and passionate people you don't know.  I am founder of Deaf Lit Project, a writer, activist, photographer, actress, and musician. Aspiring filmmaker / producer and proet (a poet who gets paid); Me and my tribe are taking over the world Cat & Coyote style!!  Great niece of actress Gene Tierney, I am a conscious project team player and leader who is working to raise the consciousness of humanity through the power of communication and technology resources. Mostly I am interested in all things interesting and ethics. 

A lifelong learner, this year started practicing French, Hoola Lula, Songwriting and Mandolin and have formally studied 7 types of sign language, Western Riding, Dance, Voice, and I will definitely kick your ass at basketball. I studied writing in New York, Photography in Texas and most recently Deaf Education at Texas Woman's University. I was a volunteer Deaf ed teacher for 2 years at Denton High School. After that experience, I  decided being an interpreter rather than teach first would be more humble and better serve the children. So I founded Deaf Lit and started on this interpreter path!  I am taking my certification test this Fall. Fingers crossed! I cannot wait to play and practice with y'all!  In 2013, I bought an 11 acre property in Texas we have named Dream School and hope to have conscious gatherings in the future, maybe even Deaf Burning Woman!!!  www.deaflitproject.org www.misstickle.me

I want to thank Innuendo for sparking my interpreting energies.  Playa Terps is her dream that I am blessed to help manifest. I'm a NERDA (not even related to a Deaf adult).  I graduated from two interpreting training programs and have been interpreting for over 30 years with my CSC.  I currently work at the University of California and have also worked in video relay interpreting part time for several years … GO CONVO!!  This will be only the second time I have missed the Burn.  My sweetheart Ray is the builder and designer of the Pyramid and Temple Bar in Cafe Village and the Nautilus mutant vehicle (raygris.com).  My son, Thus Far, is one of the Lamp Lighters.